CREE receives grant from Google

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CREE is honored to have received support from Google in 2010. Through Google’s ‘Google Grants’ Program, CREE will receive nearly $120,00 per year in google Ad Words money, which will be used for advertising CREE’s projects abroad via the google search engine.

For example, if a user types in ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Africa’ as key words into Google’s search engine, often ads will come up from businesses advertising either hunting or game-viewing in Africa. These businesses pay Google for this privilege.  With Google Grants, CREE receives a daily allowance of Google Advertising money to structure specific ads and campaigns for CREE which will appear on Google searchers’ ad screens free of charge to CREE.

CREE believes in the urgency of its cause and its focused approach on livelihoods enhancement for local people through environmental conservation. We are happy Google agrees and have leveraged their philanthropic muscle in our favor. We feel this grant from Google will help us tremendously in increasing our web presence both in the US and elsewhere.

Many thanks to Google for their belief and support in CREE.

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