CREE named United Nations International Year of Biodiversity Partner

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CREE is pleased to join a new 2010 United Nations partnership with the goal of raising awareness of the biodiversity conservation crisis worldwide. 2010 is now the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB), and this movement highlights the role biodiversity plays in our everyday lives, including the provisions it offers for fuel, medicine, and food. CREE’s livelihoods centered approach to conservation will help the United Nations highlight global projects where humans are  fostering a more sustainable relationship to natural resources.  This in turn will benefit both wildlife and local people. With human activity causing extinctions at an every increasing rate, it is important for CREE to provide a leadership model and showcase how its programs empower human rights, safeguard ecosystem services, and provide an up-scalable model for village-level transformation.

While many partner organizations in the IYB serve as a clearing house for information and policy related to environmental conservation, CREE is pleased that the United Nations has also prioritized lessons learned directly from the field through its invitation to CREE to join the partnership. CREE believes that as nature is already being forced to begin adapting to a changing environment, so to must societies living with nature begin to adapt their livelihoods diversification strategies to climate change.

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