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CREE is pleased at the recent news coverage it received on Chicago Public Radio’s ‘Worldview’.  Worldview is part of Chicago’s contribution to National Public Radio and is a global affairs program that seeks to go beyond the headlines and highlight voices for positive change in our world.  These range from Nicaraguan sweatshop workers to Nobel Peace Prize winners such as Wangari Maathai. Indeed, CREE’s Executive Director Mike Skuja had the pleasure to see Worldview’s host Jerome McDonnell interview Ms. Maathai on her green-belt movement in East Africa earlier this year. CREE was pleased to see Worldview’s increasing environmental focus in 2009, and was fortunate to be interviewed on our ground-breaking work during the ‘Global Activism’ series.  This series highlights individuals with Chicago area ties who work to improve the world through grass-roots efforts.

The segment, as well as information on CREE and the rationale behind its founding, can be found at:

CREE looks forward to participating in the ‘Global Activism Expo’, which is an event where local residents of Chicago can find out more about CREE and other non-profit organizations highlighted throughout the year in the Global Activism Series. CREE commends Jerome McDonnell for his poignant questions and heart-felt interest in wanting to get to know what makes CREE so unique. Topics covered ranged from poverty alleviation and human-wildlife conflict to philosophical debates within the sustainable development field.

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