Conservation meets Creativity in Cameroon

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This spring CREE and its Cameroonian staff have now began the first phase of the expansion of its snail program thanks to funding from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.  The goal of this project is to stop the killing of wild snails and other bush meat such as primates through offering domestic protein alternatives to supplement villagers’ diets. Through the sustainable utilization of domestic snails, CREE’s project helps ensure that wildlife conservation is attainable given the socio-economic challenges in communities surrounding Mount Cameroon National Park.

While plans our underway to work with a women’s cooperative to start this new expansion phase of snail farming, environmental education plays a critical role in the start-up activities planned for 2011. This includes working with children and other family members to instill a sense of interest in the region’s biodiversity. Here CREE Project Assistant Roland shows the more creative measures he employs to engage youth.

Dancing aside, classroom activities tackle challenging themes and students are prompted to think about their own region’s future at a very young age, and how their choices and consumption patterns will affect this future.

Snails are a hearty source of protein and income if managed correctly for households.

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